Remarkable Women of URDT rewarded

It is not a secret that the value and impact of URDT’s methodology are widely recognised at local, national and international levels. However, not much has been known about the women behind its achievements. Therefore, in honour of the International Womens’ day, URDT recognised twenty women of outstanding performance on the 7th of March 2015 in Kagadi.

In a colourful ceremony attended by over 800 local, national and international dignitaries, the Chairman, Dr Musheshe, explained that URDT’s achievements were brought about by a team of dedicated persons. Once enrolled in the URDT vision, they took up roles as amplifiers, collaborators, co-creators and subject matter specialists to work tirelessly to support the Bunyoro community in achieving their aspirations.

In the spirit of Isaac Newton who said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants", Musheshe acknowledged the contribution of the women who have been working at URDT over the last 15 to 30 years. All in their own unique way, they contributed tremendously to its growth and development.

He launched the book ‘remarkable women of URDT’ . It tells how their lifes have been intertwined with URDT’s growth path. The names and work of the male counterparts at URDT also filtered through their stories and the pictures in the book.

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Enjoying the remarkable book-Hon Joyce Mpanga receives her reward-Cutting the cake


The remarkable women and some representatives posing with their awards